Monday, April 29, 2013

More Visitors & Cara's Half Marathon

My parents came down this past weekend! 
Let the pictures & captions tell the story. 

I'm sure they were watching Emma run in the back yard.

Not quite sure how to use my night mode yet.
Or, maybe she's so fast......

Watching our lawn being treated.

My dad in his element.
I asked him to help me surprise Jay with a clean garage!
Love it.

Homemade pizza on the patio!


Had to celebrate my dad's birthday. He loves desserts like this :)

Cutie batutie :)

How cute.

Starting her young!
My parents origonal reason for coming down this past weekend was to encourage and cheer on my sister who ran a half marathon!!!! Jay biked there to take some pictures and watch her cross the finish line! So, this is what Emma and I did while they were all gone.

We read our Bibles on the patio.
Passing someone walkingW

Coming around the last corner....

Here she goes.....

To the finish!!!!!

So proud of you Cara! Way to go!

Ready for a wagon ride.

Clearly all of this activity and fresh air tuckered someone out!

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