Monday, April 22, 2013

Riding in Style

Jay's parents came down this weekend. We got the pretty exciting job of picking up John from the airport. Emma was so excited!!!! We even made him a sign!
This is not great quality, but I hope it explains her excitement to see Grandpa!

We got the whole afternoon to hang out with Grandpa! Lots of ramps and legos were played with. 

She loved her Grandpa time!

Reading books!
 Then, Grandma came! And, she brought a pretty sweet gift! Emma's been riding it in the house since Spring/Summer has decided not to come yet. We'll get outside soon though, and Emma will be cruising in style!

Jay and I were able to take a few hours off from the girls and go to a wedding. It was nice to get away for a while. And, when we got to the wedding, to my surprise my wonderful, amazing friend Holly was there! She moved to MN a bit ago and I miss her more than she knows. So, it was wonderful to catch up with her at the reception and just to be in her presence. 

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