Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa

Jay has decided to dive into the blogging world with me. Here is his first post:

Grandparents from Florida arrived Christmas Eve after making a long trek from Florida.  After the screams of excitement wore off when the girls first set eyes on them outside, the reading of books began.....

......and continued,

.....and continued...

The girls were excited for them to arrive and had been keeping track of 'sleeps' until they arrived.  After there arrival, they looked for any opportunity to be with them near a Christmas tree.  They also enjoyed the opportunity to show off their new dresses and shoes!

Emma having fun drinking from a big person cup at the 'cheese factory' (her term for the Cheesecake Factory).

The Holidays were also welcomed in with a box of sweets from Grandma Udey.  
Here Lily is showing off one of her favorite treats from the season.

And then there was Christmas morning with lots of; presents,

more presents,

and of course EXCITEMENT!

Taking it easy.

One of the prized gifts this year from the Grandparent's was this easel.  
The girls are having so much fun with it!

Grandpa reading a book in style.

With the lack of snow this year, the princesses have taken their sledding in doors.

Grandma taking it all in and having Bible Study with the girls.

Enjoying some coffee before the day got going. 
The one thing that Iowa has over Florida is the coffee 
(and this has been confirmed by both Floridians).

The happy couple about to set off to a movie for the first time in a few years!

Grandma and Grandpa discussing the plan for how the time was going to 
unfold while Mom and Dad were away at Faithwalkers.  It was great to have people we know that care so much about our kids offer to watch them. Thank you! We definitely appreciate it and so do the girls!!

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