Thursday, January 29, 2015

Baby #3's Room

Baby #3's room is almost done. I snapped some pictures earlier this week after the girls and I did a bunch of decorating. There are some final touches, the pom poms from the ceiling, curtains, and possibly a bed skirt, to add. Oh, and we are putting her name on the wall! So, with that said, you all get to see the almost finished room, but not the final product :)

 This may be the only room in our house that has a cool wall.... was quite a bit more work than I thought but totally worth it!
 The girls and I did a bit of 'art work' to decorate her room with. I saw all of these cute ideas on Pinterest to use hands and feet to make jungle animals. So, we had a craft day in sister's room without her even knowing it and made all of these!

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