Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter Break

These are a bunch of random pictures from the last two weeks. An extra reason we love this time of year is, Jay takes a few days off and with Christmas and New Years is home for quite a while. WE LOVE IT!!
Ready for a Christmas party!
Christmas Eve dresses from
Grandma and Grandpa.

Gorgeous girls ready to dine at the
Cheesecake Factory with
Grandma and Grandpa.

Along with the bathroom redo, we threw a bottle of bubble bath in. I realized Lily had never taken a bubble bath (that she would be able to remember). She is a huge fan!

Grandma and Grandpa brought oranges up from Florida. Emma has been asking if we can make lemonade lately..... so, we showed her how to make orange juice out of the oranges!

Working hard!

Couple selfie on Christmas.
We went to Jolly Holiday lights this year thanks to Jay's company where you can purchase tickets half price!
Emma's favorite.
Lily's favorite.
Goof ball.
Emma found Grandma's hat and decided to
wear it around. I think she was missing someone already.
Waiting to make pancakes!
We decided to celebrate New Years Day instead of New Years Eve...... 
Ice cream cones!
Happy 2015!!!

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