Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Emma recently went to a birthday party at a bowling alley. Although she wasn't super pumped about bowling at that moment, she really wanted to take Lily bowling. There is a sweet program called KidsBowlFree and the girls get 2 games A DAY for free (just pay for shoes). So we signed up! After doing a pretty good job at the dentist yesterday morning, this was our 'fun reward' after naps. I think their limit may be one game as in the second frame of the second game the 'are we done yet?' question kept getting asked. But, I think they had a blast bowling. 

Game 1
Game 2

Then, because DQ was next door.... we decided to grab some blizzards!

Today, I ventured to the movie theater with the older girls. We had been wanting to try a movie all summer as they are $1 for certain days/showings. We finally did it! We successfully watched Rio 2 in the theater!

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