Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

Since the girls were sick the other week we got some weights, which I think are always fun to look back at. 

This spunky, growing girl weighed in at 35 pounds! This day she tried to convince me she wasn't tired.... Growing girls need naps too!

And Paige.... She was almost 16 pounds. Whew!
She loves rolling..... pretty far too. 
I set her under her toy and a few moments later she is feet from it!

She has also decided to be a tummy sleeper. First Udey girl for that! So, that brings about some difficulties during the night hours right now, but she'll get it.

We got out the jumperoo this week. I'm not sure who likes it more, Paige or her older sisters. Whenever Paige is awake the girls want her in it so she can dance and walk 'all by herself'. :)

And, for the most part, she has kept her chill personality. 

Lily now gets to experience Kids Class at church! She did super well the last week which was her first week and we hope it continues! Because it was a special day, she got to nap in our bed and loved every second of it. Many times before she fell asleep she wanted to whisper things in my ear. 

Our plants are producing from fruit! 

The girls were doing each other's hair. This mainly consisted of lots of water being sprayed :) 
But they had a blast!

These sweet girls had a pink lemonade stand and made $10!

Matching pants.... why not!?!

My view many nights :)

They wanted new hats and not just any hats. 

Emma specifically wanted a pink or purple Batman hat. Thank you Target!!!! ;)

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