Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Where Are You Going!?!?

My parents recently visited and helped me by cleaning the carpet. We had planned to do it when we moved in (a year ago), but our move-in didn't go quite as smoothly as we planned so we are finally getting to it. 

Playing outside!!!

For some reason, I really enjoy taking pictures of nature and the animals that live it in. Last week a hawk was possibly tearing a part a bird on our deck... and I thought 'Ah, I want to take a picture!!!'. So, I did :)

Then, he moved to the tree.... 

My dear friend April posted this cake on my Facebook wall and challenged me to do it. She didn't think I would do it so soon, but I had to! And, it was a blast to do! 

Last CG together before we take different routes. 

We are getting a little taste of summer this week as it has decided to be back in the 90s. So, I'm sure we will get back outside and enjoy some summer before fall is here!

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