Monday, August 31, 2015

Time for Your Check-Up!

If you have any issues with going to the doctor, as we have had in the past, Doc McStuffins may be your answer!!! (And a whole lot of prayer!) We have been singing her theme song in anticipation for today's double appointments:
Lily's 3 year check up and Paige's 6 month check up.

Here's the song:

Everyone: Time for a Checkup, time for a checkup!
Doc: I'm gonna check your ears, check your eyes, find out how much you've grown...
Toys: Time for a checkup!
Doc: Then I listen to your heart beat, fix you up, ready to go...
Toys: Time for a checkup!
Doc: It's okay if you giggle. This will only tickle a little...
Everyone: Time for a checkup, time for a checkup.

Cheesy.... but it worked. Lily sat perfectly still. She was such a trooper and even let the med student check her out completely after our doctor already had. So, she basically was checked out twice and sat perfectly still both times. Crazy proud of her!!

 Lily's 3 Year Old Stats:
Height: 36 1/2"   31%
Weight: 31 pounds    50%

Paige's 6 Month Old Stats:
Height: 26.25"   62%
Weight: 17 lb 6 oz   71%

I get asked pretty often if Paige is comparable in size to the other girls. And, I like knowing sometimes myself. Here was Lily @ 6 Months. And, here is Emma @ 6 Months. 

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