Monday, July 23, 2012

Abby Came Down!!!!

My "not-so-little-sister, who-just-graduated-high-school" Abby came down for a few days. Oh, it was so wonderful to have her here! I took this picture, literally, 3 minutes after Abby walked in the door. Emma sure does warm up to SOME people very quickly.

Emma enjoyed time at the park with Abby..... 18-month-photoshoot.....

......and some pictures with prego momma. 

If you are friends with Abby on Facebook, here are's the link to the photo album with the pictures: Abby's View Photography or you can check out her WEBSITE!

Abby is an amazing photographer. She's never taken a class and has just picked up all her skill and technique a long the way. 

Here's a few other pictures I snapped of Abby and Emma.

Dancin' partners!

Last, here's a few pictures of Emma and Daddy.


Things Mommy can't do... :)


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