Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trying to Stay Cool

Emma tried wearing an ice cream dress to stay cool.
With the weather being in the high 90's and feeling like the 100's, we've been trying to stay cool. We may have had a few photo shoots. Every time I grab the camera lately and take a picture, Emma signs for more.... so I keep snapping pictures while I can!

Emma and Poppa wearing their matching shoes! 

Emma loves sitting in her wagon, pulling it around, and sitting in it with her baby. 

Kisses for baby!
These are very similar pictures, but she kept signing more, more, more.... so I HAD to keep taking pictures! :) 

This is my dear friend, Skyla. We've been meaning to take a picture together since we've known of each others' pregnancies. At 35 & 36 weeks, we finally got around to it! Skyla is due 5 days before us, so we are super close together!!!

Jay's idea :) But it shows how pregnant we are!

We enjoyed about 3 vehicles worth of the parade on July 3rd. This was Emma's response!


I have yet another pregnant friend to mention! My friend Jess, who I have known since my sophomore year of college, is due at the end of August. We recently reconnected at her baby shower/BBQ, and I'm so thankful for it! We went shopping for material this week, and I'm making us nursing covers! Here's mine that I finished yesterday; her's is yet to come!

The nursing cover I made!

Similar pattern???
We also went shopping together for a new diaper bag! 
We both fell in love with this one and got it!
Our new diaper bag!!!!
I have another appointment next Monday for this little lady. She keeps moving around like crazy! She normally 'wakes' up and is SUPER active from 10:30-11:00pm. Great time to get some praying in! I've started packing my bag and making more of a conscious effort to think what I'm going to do with Emma if I all of the sudden I need to go to the hospital. I can't say more than enough how thankful I am for our group of friends and family and their willingness to help! 
Stay tuned for another post soon to see pictures from our 4th of July!

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