Monday, July 30, 2012


This past weekend, Jay's parents came down to help out and to be here in hopes that 
Baby #2 was born. Well..... I'm still pregnant. But, we had a great time! 
We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. If you have an expressive child, this is a great place to go. It's super noisy!!! 

Emma loves pointing and directing people to do things with her hands.


I asked her to smile for the camera.

 When we got home, Grandpa had a gift for Emma. 

A WAGON!!!!!!!!
 This led to many......



.....wagon rides & smiles. I was thrilled when Emma wanted her baby to ride in the wagon with her. Hopefully she will want her little sister in there just as much!
Story time with Grandpa!
Massage time with Daddy!
Our first harvest! There were 3 grape tomatoes,
but Emma ate the first 2 too fast for them to get in the picture.
Pure joy.
Update from the doctor today on Baby #2: Same as last week. (If you don't like details, you may quit reading) Still dialiated to 3cm & at 50%. Nothing changed since last week, other than being sooooo much more ready to meet her. Hope to not make it to another appointment, but if so, we'll talk about possibly inducing. Pray with us that she comes naturally before the end of the week!

And, I'm hoping to make this sometime soon. Maybe it'll be my fun-before-she-comes-experiment!
S'more Ice Cream Cake

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