Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

What a beautiful smile!

So sad this is blurry :(
We started the morning with some pool time and relaxing in the back yard. (sad, I forgot the camera inside) After nap time, for all, Auntie Cara came over and we all headed to Caribou! Cara treated us to some cold drinks. (again, forgot the camera)
Here comes the Udey BBQ pictures! 
Thank you Pinterest for some new foods to enjoy on the 4th!

Grill menu: Jay's chicken wrapped in bacon & sweet corn!

Homemade potato salad!
Fun way to serve Fruit Pizza!
Jay's fruit pizza he made.

We watered our garden that morning, and here's some of the fruit we are seeing!!!!!

Big boy tomatoes

Grape/cherry tomatoes
Loving an afternoon cool off in the tub with bubbles!!!

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