Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday Blessings :)

As I get older, birthdays have come with a lot less expectation. 
For example: My dream was that the girls would be overly obedient and just perfect little angels on my birthday, and that Jay would stay home and hang out with us all day. What a mom dream :)

Well, I think the Lord heard me! Jay stayed home, although it was because he had a flat tire. So, he worked all day. But, we got an extra hour with him since he can just get up from the chair at 5 when he's done from work instead of making the hour commute! What a treat! 
The girls..... this was a real treat. They both slept in until 7:45. (that's late in our house) We then hit up the park for 2 hours after a trip to Starbucks drive-thru for a free b-day drink. 

We hung out with a good friend and came home for a nap. Lily took a loooonnnngggg nap. We had lunch with Daddy. After lunch, the girls played separately for 30 minutes without a peep. Now that is a once in a million chance! Lily decided she didn't really want to take an afternoon nap but was in the best mood I've ever seen her in. She eventually took a cat nap. 
You'd think the blessings were over. 2 more to go. 
We have volleyball every Monday night for church. Jay watched the girls so I could play. He's done this before and it has been so relaxing to play again and get a little break from the girls. The girls were playing so well that I got to play 3 whole games! When we got home a good friend dropped off a frozen meal for whenever I needed a 'no cooking' day, some new fingernail polish, and a sweet new workout shirt. She is a gem!
The night ended with some homemade s'more ice cream cake. 

I'd say it was an awesome 27th birthday. 

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