Monday, August 19, 2013

The Zoo & A GG Visit

We recently were blessed to go to the zoo with Skyla and Jenna and their kiddos! Emma had such a blast hanging out with Noah. I think they are becoming great friends.

Checking out the animals!
Forgot Lily's hat; good thing her shirt had a hood on it :) 
Checking out the monkeys.
Noah & Emma.
Water break.
Train ride!
Skyla & Bowen.

Love these women!
My mom decided to, spur of the moment, drive down for a few days! We enjoyed quite a few garage sales, getting groceries, painting, tennis shoe shopping, and the library!

Playing with the trains.
Of course there was playing in the girls room too :)

She graciously snapped this picture of the girls and me.
And for one random picture, we were eating breakfast one morning and my mom and I got to snap pictures of this:
A hawk. ( I sadly missed the moment it flew away. It was carrying a squirrel! )
Thanks mom for a great visit to brighten up the middle of our week!

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  1. All those kiddos are the cutest critters at the zoo! CUTIES! I love the photo of Noah on her tip toes looking at the monkeys haha