Monday, August 5, 2013

Grandma's First Visit from Florida!

Emma was beyond excited to pick up Grandma from the airport a few days ago. We had such a great weekend with her!

The weekend started off with going to Toys R Us
to search for Lily's birthday present. 

Off to Scheels.

Breakfast at the Village Inn.

Emma COULD NOT wait to play in the sand with Grandma.

Hanging out at the mall.

More park time!

Dinner at Jason's Deli.

A trip to get the mail.

Emma has found a rock that is fully submerged in our yard. It has now become 'her' place. She let Grandma enjoy it with her.  

I'm sure she was telling some story in the next few photos.

Since Grandma takes pictures of Emma, Emma took pictures of Grandma!

And one of Jay and I. Good photographer!

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