Monday, August 26, 2013

Free Fun

Fun can be described in sooo many different ways. What may be fun to one person could be not so fun to the next person. Our girls enjoy quite a few things together, but I think Lily has found a new fun thing that Emma would not consider fun. 

She just lays around. 

Most of the time it's like the rest of the pictures. She just sprawls out wherever she can on her back. 

But, we found something that was super fun for Emma this weekend. Homemakers is a big furniture store in Urbandale and they had a free family carnival. We happen to run into one of Emma's favorite friends, Everly! They enjoyed a fun train ride together and a bounce house!

So excited for the bounce house and slide!

It was about 95 on this particular day, so we only stayed for a bit. The rest of the day we were in and out of grocery stores running errands and riding in lots of fun carts!
Sporting the new skirts Auntie Cara got them.
A creamery was giving away free ice cream at this Hy-Vee!
In between these pictures there was a nap and Red Robin! We had a free burger from my birthday and decided it was the perfect night to use it!

Way more interested in the fries.
She switched sides because there were more fries over there.  
She loved the water and thought it was really, really....
......refreshing!!! AH!!!!!!
We forgot the mall closed at 6; so more car carts!

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