Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Lily!

Our little Lily is 1! 

The morning started out with breakfast at the Village Inn.
Thanks goes to Jay's mom!

Off to the park for swings and fun in the sand!

Cruisin' around at the park.

 Home for a morning nap and then presents and cake time! We predicted that Lily would dive into her cake a bit more than Emma did. Here's a reminder if you need one of how Emma reacted to her big cupcake: Emma's 1st Birthday

Opening presents.

She hesitated a little.....
....and then dove right in.
She never looked back. 
Even pulled the top off....
Then, it got down right messy. :)

And, even messier.....
So glad she was born in the summer so we could do this outside!
I would say she enjoyed herself!
Emma enjoyed the cupcakes too!

Watermelon for lunch. A fav of Lily's.
Made it to another park in the afternoon.
Off to Jason's Deli for dinner! 
I thought it was neat that right across the street was a Qdoba. Why you ask? When I went into labor with Lily we were at the Valley West Mall and it was getting past dinner time. I knew once we got to the hospital food was a no go. So, we HAD to use our Groupons and get some Qdoba before we headed downtown. Just a fun memory and then to celebrate dinner for Lily's 1st birthday across the street was so fun. 

Opening her mail from Great Grandma.
All in all, a wonderful day!
Happy 1st Birthday Lily!

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