Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 already?!?!

We started off the first day of the year at a wedding! The best man from our wedding, Stasos, got married to his bride, Teresa. It was a beautiful day for January. Praise the Lord. This was our attempt at a family picture at the wedding. I think Emma was a little distracted. 

When the dance started, Emma decided she'd rather enjoy the lights that were hung up. I love seeing that amazement in her eyes at something as simply as string lights. 
Pictures don't do her beauty justice. 

Last, with Emma's birthday less than 2 weeks away, CRAZY I know, I believe I can officially say, "WE HAVE A PRO-WALKER ON OUR HANDS!" She can now turn around and do almost a complete 360 without tipping over, and she can also bend over and pick up things!

Sorry for the coughing; she's getting over a little cold. It's crazy to think about where life was a year ago and where we are today Always makes me wonder where will we be a year from now. Until the big birthday post, enjoy the crazy January weather!

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