Monday, January 23, 2012

3 Ways Emma is Like Her Daddy

People always ask, "Who do you think Emma looks like?" Unless it's really, really obvious in a baby, I can't really tell. But lately, I've been seeing things in Emma that reflect both of us. Here is the top 3 list of how Emma is like her daddy so far.

1. She is really strong! Every toy she has she insists on picking up. Even her 4-5' long kitchen Jay's parents brought her. She squats down, just like daddy, and tries to lift it. She hasn't accomplished lifting this kitchen up, but I'm sure she will sooner than later!

  Up and over the head, focus, and tear it apart!!!

Here's another video showing off her muscles. My favorite part of this video is at the beginning. Look at those top two teeth coming in!!!!!

2. Eggs.... but there's a catch. We let Emma try eggs with us at breakfast this weekend. AND....... She loved them!!!! I made some for her last night for supper, and she wouldn't touch them. Now, I was a little confused. But, I remembered that when we eat breakfast on the weekends we put hot (or in my case mild) sauce on our eggs. Jay got me hooked on it and guess what................. Emma is hooked too! I put some mild sauce on the eggs and she ate them right up! Crazy kid! 

3. Another food one. Emma would rather eat a good, hearty meal than sweets. 

There is more to this post than just the list! Jay's parents came down Saturday to celebrate Emma's birthday. Here she is opening her present.

Lifting it up!

A baby!!!

She loves her already.

Giving Baby Stella her bottle. 

They do such a great job at picking out presents for her. The pacifier and bottle are magnetic to the mouth of the baby. Emma LOVES carrying her around. Hopefully when Baby #2 comes Emma can care for Baby Stella while I care for Baby #2!

And a chatty video of Emma.

Strutting her stuff in her new outfit and shoes!

She's growing up so fast!

Last, my 2 favorite pictures I've taken in quite a long time. We love this little girl so much!


  1. This post is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful pictures and fantastic memories with us all!

  2. Jill, she is so sweet! I LOVE that she loves sauce on her eggs. That is so funny. Kids pick the funniest things to be picky about. I can't believe it has been a year. Keep enjoying her!