Saturday, January 7, 2012

What I Tend To Miss....

I believe I met an 'angel in disguise' tonight. What a blessing this woman was. 
The story you might ask.....? 

As I was getting ready for church, my sister mentioned to me that my back tire was looking a little low, and in the next 24 hours I should probably put some air in it. Attributing it to the oh-so-cold January weather, I told myself I would fill it up tomorrow morning before getting groceries. Church is only 5 minutes away and you can only go 25 mph the whole way so it couldn't get much worse...

I left church a little early after being overcome with some emotions of just missing my husband as he is having to work a lot of extra hours this week and a few other things going on. I got to the car, got Emma in, and headed home. At the stop light, I felt like my car was a bit tilted, opened my door and looked at my tire; it was way lower than when I had gone into church. Already in tears, I just kept saying to the Lord, "Please, please, let me make it to the gas station." Over and over again, I prayed this. With about .5 miles ahead of me, I pleaded with Him. 

After getting to the gas station, I went in ready to purchase anything and everything to get my $0.75 worth of cash back to put air in my tire to drive the .5 miles to be safe at home with my baby. I walk in and ask the cashier if I would need to purchase something in order to get cash back or if I could just use my debit card. She said they did not have the option for cash back at this location. Not sure how to respond and already red in the eyes from crying, she just handed me 4 quarters and said, "Can I just give these to you?". 

I was beyond thankful as the tears rolled down my face as I walked out out of the store.
The machine only called for $0.75, so I filled up my tire and knew I wanted to return the extra quarter and thank this woman over and over again. With fresh tears, I walked back in and thanked her as many times as I felt she would let me. 
Her response was, "Anytime, and I hope you have a better night." 

I tell you this, not to gain any sympathy from any of you. I tell you this, because I believe I miss moments like this all the time. And, I believe I miss moments like this where I could have blessed someone. This woman had no idea anything that had happened leading up to me walking through that gas station door, but without hesitation handed me the quarters that would make me "have a better night". 

It makes me think back to Christ and how, even though He knows our story before we 'walk into the gas station', without hesitation He is ready to accept us with open arms. 
Especially in a world that needs true love, God's love, I think I and most of us can take a lesson from the lady at the gas station. 


  1. Such a great reminder Jill! I LOVE YOU!

  2. Wow Jill! This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear tonight. :) Thank you so much for the encouragement. I definately was crying tonight as well but for different reasons. :)