Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Emma!

The day started out with breakfast. Emma wanted to pick out her own strawberries from the container, and I thought since it was her birthday, I'd let her. 

She proceeded to only eat the 'greens' of the strawberry!!!

Hello eyebrows!!

Big smile for the birthday girl!

Mmmmm Daddy's favorite lunch dish. It's all mine!

A little tongue spitting out.

 The festivities!!! 
Thank you Jennifer (and Colleen, I believe) for the decorations!

One day, at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Jay saw a giant cupcake mold and insisted that we get it for Emma's birthday. Here is what it makes, only 1.5 boxes of cake required!

Happy Birthday!!

I think she was a little afraid of the cupcake, not the response we thought we'd get from her. 

And she wasn't very happy about the frosting on her fingers. 

After a bath, it was present time! Emma's big present from us was a pair of shoes. She's going to wear them out soon enough with all the walking she's doing! 

It's crazy to think that almost to the minute a year ago Emma was born. We love you little lady and can't wait to see how you grow in the next year!


  1. That cupcake is out of control!

  2. 15 BOXES?? TEll me that was a typo... I can't even believe that. Amazing! I want one (filled with chips though!!)