Sunday, April 29, 2012

Driving Already!?!?

I LOVE garage sale season! Emma and I had a little extra time before our mom's group met up this week, so we hit up a neighborhood garage sale. We totally scored!

Say hello to the cheapest car Emma will ever drive, $4!!!!

She played with it for an hour straight the first day we got it!


More outside pictures from that day!

Story time with Auntie Cara.

What a way to stand while taking a water break!
On an Emma update note: I'm waiting to get a video, but she now can point to where her nose, tongue, ears, hair, toes, fingers, of course belly button, and eyes are. We are working on knees, but I think it's a little confusing. She does such a great job picking up on new things. She has started gabbering more and has mastered hot and Momma.... I see how they go together :)  But, she can sign thank you, more, all done, and please. 
We've had a few rainy, cold days and tried to make the best of it inside. Today, Emma and Daddy played cars and it was the cutest thing ever. He taught her how to hide the cars up her sleeves. I wonder what things I'll find up her sleeves in days to come. I'll take it; I just love watching them enjoy each other. 

Getting ready to go outside!!!! Cutie alert!

Baby #2 Update: Kicking like crazy & officially we are under 100 days to our due date! 

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