Friday, April 13, 2012

Since When Do We Have A 15 Month Old!?!?!

We went in for Emma's 15 month check up today.
Here's some stats on our growing girl!
Height: 31", 70%
Weight: 22 lbs 5 oz, 67%
Head: 47cm, 84%

The doctor loves everything he sees. He loves that she is walking/running so well. We're working more and more on words as she only knows a handful, but he isn't worried because she is doing great with everything. 

I asked her to pose; this is what she did. 

Happy Belated Easter!!!

Trying on our garage sale purchases!

Had to paint her nails today. What else do girls do on rainy days?!?!

One night, Emma was doing Jay's hair. What a cute video to capture!

Last, here's our 2nd anniversary picture! A BIG thanks to Cara who watched Emma that night, so we could go out to eat and on a walk. 

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