Monday, April 9, 2012

Is There A Designer Out There?

I'm planning on redoing another dresser in about a week, and I'd love to have some help in which direction to take. I recently redid Emma's dresser. Blog Post To View Emma's Dresser   Our dresser is a standard 4 drawer dresser. We are painting our bedroom gray and I'd like to go with more of an Asiany feel minus the bright red but I'll add some burgundy with curtains. Here's the dilemma: Should I paint the dresser 1) All black and paint the handles a metallic silver (to match our headboard) or 2) Black with gray drawers and black handles?  Option 2 would look a lot like Emma's.  

I put up a new poll. Or if you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment! I'll be buying paint later this week!

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