Friday, April 20, 2012

Grandma #1 Visit for the Week!

Jay had to head out of town this week for work, so my mom came for a few days! It was so much fun and so relaxing. My goal was for my mom to take a break and do nothing. That's exactly what we did! It was much easier to make it through the week with someone here, especially since Emma caught Hand, Foot, and Mouth. We stuck around the house almost the whole week and cleaned a lot. 
Emma did such a great job not being out and about as much! I'm so proud of her!

Emma checking out Grandma's iPad2!

Auntie Cara even got to spend a whole day with us. I'm so glad she got the day off and could enjoy spending time with our mom too. We enjoyed going to the Iowa Right for Life book sale and of course a thrift store or 2! Emma does this laughing thing almost every time Cara is over, but she was doing it with my mom; I got a little video of it. 
She has the cutest laugh. 

2 Beautiful ladies! 

These pictures are from my mom's camera. Don't they look amazing!?!!?

Lookin' more and more pregnant everyday.

One of the meals we made while my mom was here:

The recipe can be found on my NEW recipe page. Just click the name of the sandwich and you'll be taken there!

It's not the normal chicken salad sandwiches you are thinking of!

Back to my camera!

This is what happens when you eat a blue popsicle!

"We" made a sign to take to the airport to pick up Daddy!

Emma with her garage sale purchases. 

Grandma #2 (& Grandpa) Visit for the Week will be up after this weekend as Jay's parents are arriving tonight. Lots of yard work a few projects are in store! 

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